sabato 14 novembre 2015

Modified hardtail in a XL Paughco Frame

Paughco frame are good frame, but in XL rigid frame, we don't like this hardtail design. We had modified in this way.

venerdì 6 novembre 2015

in memory of George Barris

                               Geaorge Barris and his Batmobile



                               The Car

                                the Pontiac GTO the Paul Revere and Riders

                                ZZR - Out of sight
                                FireBall 500

                               and more..

Godbye George  11/20/1925 - 05/11/2015

mercoledì 21 ottobre 2015

Harley frame VL 1930 modified to Knucklehead Engine

 I modified this Harley frame VL 1930 to Radical Chopper, a garage from Milan, to mount an Knucklehead engine inside.